SEHPBA Committees

Executive Committee

Vice President
Immediate Past President

Responsibility – Including but not limited to interviews and job research for Affiliate Website development, outside contractors and immediate matters of concern.


Ken Warren Chair, Bill Carnes, Don Murphy

Responsibility – including but not limited to acquiring individuals willing and capable of serving as members of SEHPBA Board of Directors, State Representatives or appointment as Member At Large.

Ways and Means

Mitch Johnson Chair, Greg Kelley, Danny Manning

Responsibility – including but not limited to establishing annual budget and overseeing implementations of budget. Quarterly reviews of budget to stay on track.


Bob Wise Chair, Trent Simmons, Tom Albert, Dana Richens

Responsibility – Including but not limited to providing educational programs for membership
Examples – NFI Review and Exam for Gas, Wood and Pellet. Education agenda for Annual Meeting. New education program implementation.


Sheryl Isenhour Chair, Cindy Wise, Wayne Paul, Danny Manning, Dana Richens, Tom Parks

Responsibility – Including but not limited to oversight and update of Website, oversee support of quarterly Newsletter, Flash E-Mails, back-up support of other committees.

Government Affairs/Codes

Bob Wise Chair, Bill Carnes (FL) , Danny Manning (TN),  Richard Oliver (GA), Patrick Tinsley (NC), Trent Simmons (AL), Greg Kelly (SC), Theresa Sottler (VA)

Responsibility – Representing the interests of its members with state and local government and /or regulatory bodies, code bodies or interested parties in jurisdictions where the corporation is located.

Annual Meeting

Wayne Paul Chair, Cindy Wise, Wayne Paul, Theresa Sottler, Mac Robbins, Wendy Salter

Special Assignment – Lydon Lewis

Responsibility – including but not limited to site development, planning and implementation for Annual Meeting each year.


Dick Hoffman Chair, Tom Albert

Responsibility – including but not limited to retaining and advancing membership in SEHPBA. Overseeing annual dues, recommendations on changes when needed. Create promotional materials to improve membership levels.

Long-Range Planning

Dick Hoffman Chair, Mitch Johnson

Responsibility – The purpose of the strategic and long-range planning committee is to help provide a “road map” and guide each committee in preparing for future needs. Strategic planning also helps make sure all are working together toward common goals in a congruent and cohesive fashion. This planning insures a smooth transition and continuity as new members join the board and others move on.